"I was given to my uncle who was the second generation of producing fantasy coffin Ghana. He is named Kane Kwei. I trained at Teshie a coastal area of Accra Ghana from 1960-1970. I then opened my own coffin studio as the third generation from 1977. I don’t only produce coffins for the dead but also for Museums and Galleries all over the world; for exhibitions.”

Paa Joe was born in 1947 in Ghana. He began his training as a coffin creator at the age of 12 in the workshop of his uncle Kane Kwei (1924–1992) in Teshie and is considered one of the most important fantasy coffin artists in Ghana. His picturesque, artful, detailed painted and almost architecturally double-layered works, which always depict figurative elements in three-dimensional form, have been exhibited worldwide.



  • 2021 "(Re)Birth of Venus" Pulpo Gallery. Murnau am Staffelsee. Germany.
  • 2020 "Paa Joe: Gates of No Return" High Museum of Art. Atlanta.
  • 2019 "Mixed Pickles 5" Ruttkowski;68. Berlin.
  • 2019 "A way to Go" Ruttkowski;68. Paris.
  • 2017 "Malick Sidibé, Mali Twist" Fondation Cartier Paris. Paris. 
  • 2012 "Connecting Cultures: A World in Brooklyn"
    Brooklyn Museum. USA. 
  • 2012 "Royal Festival Hall" Southbank. UK.
  • 2011"Material" Salon 94. New York.
  • 2007 "Six Feet under" Deutsches Hygiene-Museum. Dresden.
  • 2005 in Jack Shainman Gallery. New York. USA.
  • 2003 "Schokolade, die süsse Verführung" Museum der Kulturen. Basel.
  • 1989 "Les Magiciens de la terre" Centre Pompidou. Paris.