“I’m not interested in painting nice and beautiful. To me, ugly is beautiful.”

MADSAKI was born in Japan in 1974, graduated in 1996 from the Parsons School of Design in New York with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and was raised in New Jersey, USA.

The compulsive symbiosis between street art and archetypal canvas reveals MADSAKI’s artistic ability: with the help of detailed aerosol painting, applied in thin and broad color lines, he creates an ingenious juxtaposition to the figures faces, that may indicate a subtle irony within the message.


MADSAKI has exhibited regularly and worldwide in both solo and group shows including at Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo, Galerie Perrotin in Seoul, Museum of Arts & Design in Singapore and Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. 



  •  2021 "Hello Darkness, My Old Friend (I’ve come to talk with you again)" Galerie Perrotin. New York.
  •  2020 "1984" Kaikai Kiki Gallery. Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2019 "If I Had a Dream" Galerie Perrotin. Hong Kong.
  • 2018 "COMBINATION PLATTER" Central Embassy. Bangkok. Thailand.
  • 2018 "FRENCH FRIES WITH MAYO" Galerie Perrotin. Paris. France.
  • 2018 "MADSUCKY WUZ HERE 2018" Kaikai Kiki Gallery. Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2017 "HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW" Kaikai Kiki Gallery. Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2017 "BADA BING, BADA BOOM" Galerie Perrotin. Seoul. South Korea.
  • 2016 "HICKORY DICKORY DOCK" HidariZingaro.Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2015 "Please Don't Spit On The Painting" HVW8 Art + Design Gallery. Los Angeles. USA.
  • 2014 "Oodles of Doodles" CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY. Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2013 "Write Here Write Now" CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY. Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2012 "In Between" CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY. Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2009 "All Day I Dream About Sunsex / paintings" Clear Gallery. Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2007 "All Day I Dream About Sunsex" Meguro Rice Factory. Tokyo. Japan. 
  • 2004 "Garden of Re-creation" Riviera Gallery. Brooklyn. New York.
  • 2003 "2 in 1" Gas/Dyezu Experiment. Tokyo. Japan.



  • 2021 "(Re)Birth of Venus" Pulpo Gallery. Murnau am Staffelsee. Germany.
  • 2021 "Healing" Galerie Perrotin. Shanghai. China.
  • 2020 "Kaleidoscopes: Contemporary Portraiture" Galerie Perrotin. Hong Kong.
  • 2019 "MURAKAMI VS MURAKAMI Takashi Murakami's solo show" Tai Kwun Contempory. Hong Kong.
  • 2019 "Beyond the Streets NYC" New York. USA.
  • 2018 "Bubblewrap" Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto. Kumamoto. Japan.
  • 2018 "Beyond the Steets LA" Los Angeles. USA.
  • 2015 "Mad Love" Museum of Arts & Design. Singapore.
  • 2013 "Tokyo Street" Ikkan Art International. Singapore.
  • 2010 "The Barnstormers" Joshua Liner Gallery. New York. USA.
  • 2008 "Pressure (RVCA x CINELLI)" VASF Gallery. San Francisco. USA.
  • 2005 "Hysteric Mini 20th Anniversary, Hysteric Glamour" Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2005 "The Last for the Place" Gas/Dyezu Gallery. Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2004 "FAQQ" Transplant Gallery. New York. USA.
  • 2004 "Better Tomorrow" Supreme Trading Annex. Brooklyn. USA.
  • 2004 "Small Works by Big People" Carlos Irizarry Gallery. Puetro Rico.
  • 2003 "Escale a Parisi" Halle Saint Pierre Museum. Paris. France.
  • 2003 "150 T-Shirts" Daniel Silverstein Galley. New York. USA.  
  • 2001 "No Condition is Permanent" Smack Mellon. Brooklyn. USA.