"[...] It is precisely in this fine space between the ideal that a new life in a new place can offer, mixed with the regret of loss and nostalgia that is carried through the process of migration, that I have chosen to situate my practice and through which I work to represented feelings of floating freedom, but also of fear and insecurity."

Houda Terjuman is a Swiss and Syrian visual artist. She was born and lives in Morocco. 

In her floating sculptures she takes us on a journey through the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Her work explores identity, displacement and stability. The search of a home becomes a stressful and painful process that shows the connectivity and heterogeneity of our de-territorialised world.

Houda Terjuman is present in galleries, contemporary art fairs, museums and institutions such as Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris , Musee d'Art Contemporain Mohammed VI in Rabat, Aga Khan Museum in Toronto and Imago Mundi Luciano Benetton foundation.