Studio International discusses temporary censorship of Rulton Fyder on Rarible marketplace

Jill Spalding - Art appreciation in the metaverse

Murnau am Staffelsee, March 22, 2021


Jill Spalding discusses Rulton Fyder's temporary account closure on NFT marketplace Rarible in his latest article for Studio International:


"Troubling that, in the supposedly freewheeling online marketplace, the digital collectibles site Rarible censored top-selling conceptual/appropriation artist Rulton Fyder on grounds not disclosed. Disturbing, too, are the criteria marking crypto art as collectible. If aesthetics are irrelevant and if no-name creators who sell well are held artists, then value derives largely from community-conferred status. Add in the hoarding syndrome recalling the Nahmad brothers’ stash of Picassos parked for lucrative resale;"




Katherina Zeifang

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March 22, 2021