Rulton Fyder has first solo show with PULPO GALLERY

on view June 12 - June 27, 2021.

Murnau, March 8th, 2021


PULPO GALLERY is pleased to announce CAPTURING THE CURRENT ZEITGEIST: RULTON FYDER IN DIALOGUE WITH CONCEPTUAL ART CONTEMPORARIES - THE DAY NFT MET KRUGER, BALDESSARI, PRINCE AND WOOL on view from June 12 to June 27, 2021. The exhibition presents the first series of physical artworks created by Rulton Fyder.


Fyder utilizes the sense of familiarity elicited from known significant works in the contemporary art world to add new conceptual layer and imagery thus creating completely new works that document and archive our current society and times while having the artist’s self-inquisitive journey in the rapidly advancing digital age, characterized by the endless circulation, reshuffling, remixing and exchange of ideas.


Fyder engages in dialogues with works from his contemporaries and past phenomenal artists who have left marks in the history of conceptual art – Barbara Kruger, John Baldessari, Richard Prince, Christopher Wool, and others.


Examining his work, NFT Art Review writes: "By applying his profound understanding of the complexity and intricacy in the history of conceptual art, Fyder’s works are of a distinctive artistic lens filled with echoes of other masters’ lenses yet through the sharp and acute commentary on the present societal and technological phenomenon, that is undeniably his own."




Katherina Zeifang

+49 171 1778796

March 8, 2021