stephanie mei huang receives Juror Award for "how to paint a rocking horse"

Chicago, November 22, 2020


ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation, a not-for-profit gallery and foundation whose "mission is to bring innovative, emegring and/or experimental visual art to a wide range of viewers, and to provide a nurturing atmosphere for the continued development of artistic potential and dialogue", presents SOLITUDE:

"Solitude can elicit either a sense of euphoria or peace, or a sense of confinement or punishment, while others are isolated in a community unit. As we move forward into the fall and winter months, and COVID continues to impede our movements and interactions, how do we, as individuals, or as members of a larger, even worldwide community, process these survival confinements? Artists use their mediums to express the inner joy, conflict, frustration, sadness or peace we find ourselves confronting. This show represents the creative endeavors of this process under the current circumstances —  keeping artists alone but pulling together into a community."


As part of the exhibition, stephanie mei huang's video contribution "how to paint a rocking horse" received the Juror Award.


how to paint a rocking horse (excerpt) from stephanie mei huang on Vimeo.



Katherina Zeifang

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November 22, 2020