MADSAKI – Birth of Venus II

August 6, 2021
MADSAKI - Birth of Venus II, 2018. Photo by Thomas Dashuber.
MADSAKI - Birth of Venus II, 2018. Photo by Thomas Dashuber.

Beautiful blonde waves, a gracile nude female figure and a mythical scallop shell - In the mid 1480s, the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli changed the art world with his tempera masterpiece The Birth of Venus. His Italian Renaissance artwork set new standards for fine art and inspired artists all over the world in the centuries that followed.


Almost 540 years later, in (Re)Birth of Venus - Renaissance Painting 2.0 MADSAKI takes a deeper look at Botticelli's masterpiece and reinterprets the mythical moment of the goddess’ arrival on land after her birth. 


The beautiful blonde waves, the depicted mythical figures and even Botticelli’s color palette are clearly recognizable but the quickly sprayed lines and splashed acrylic drops give the medieval composition a twist.


This work from 2018 is part of MADSAKI’s Wannabie's series and features his signature smiley faces. It is up to the viewers to put their own images onto the indicated faces. The artist from Osaka, Japan developed his own style using spray paint as a fine art medium. He reimagines the most famous artworks of the old masters in a way that is not only filled with humor but also with social criticism.

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